Thursday, April 10, 2014

April brings crazy times!

Hello all! I hope the beginning of April is finding you all well and that the grass is getting green and flowers are starting to bloom!

April here had turned into a crazy busy mess of trying to juggle everything. Being super sick the end of March- and still fighting it now- sure isn't helping! I might be a little absent from the blog for a little while as I try to come up with a new schedule that works both for my life and my blog. But don't fret! I do have posts planned, and will continue my Spring Trends posts as soon as I can!

In the mean time, come follow me on Instagram and Twitter for some quick updates on what I'm up to and to know when I do make a new post! 

A quick note- I want to introduce two new members of the Sunshine family! Meet Rosie and Dasie, my new little fuzz balls (hamsters)! :)

See you all soon!! Go soak up that glorious sunshine :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Trends- White Liner

Trying to keep up with trends is never easy, and frankly most of the time is can just be a plain waste of time. I've never been able to understand people who buy clothing that is in for that one season and then they never wear it again because it goes "out of style". Unless you're walking around with a slit on your skirt up to your who-haw, shorts so short I see a cheek, or pants hanging so low you can't walk without holding them up (I'm looking at you, boys), I really don't care what you're wearing!

That being said, makeup trends are a very different thing. To me anyway. I love catching up on what happened on the makeup scene at the various Fashion Weeks around the world. Even if some of the things designers do for their runways may be a bit out there and not exactly subtle enough to wear in real life, a lot of what they do on the runway is easy to do yourself!

As I mentioned in my last Collection Focus post, I wanted to do another series in April (and possibly longer) since I enjoyed doing my CF series so much. So here it is and welcome to the first installment of Spring Trends! Over the next few weeks I'll take one of the makeup trends off the Spring/Summer 2014 runway and show how you can make it work for every day wear!

First up...

White Eyeliner @My small Ray of Sunshine

This trend, along with white eyeshadow, was seen all over the runways and it has to be one of the easier trends to wear. The two products that I used to get the looks below were e.l.f.'s Eye Widener pencil in Pearl White and NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.

White Eyeliner @My small Ray of Sunshine
Ignore the blood shot eyes...still fighting a cold!

If you're a little nervous about lining your eyes completely in white, try putting it on your water line. It's a great way to open up your eyes and make them look brighter!

White Eyeliner @My small Ray of Sunshine

I used the NYX crayon on my water line as it goes on much easier. The e.l.f. pencil on the top worked well, but I had to build it up a bit. I actually really like the white liner on the top and bottom. It's a nice fresh look, so much subtler and softer than a harsh black liner.

You could also try it with your black liner on first and then a thin line of the white over top of that. Creating a double liner look that, even though I haven't tried it yet, looks really cool on the runway.

White Eyeliner @My small Ray of Sunshine
Yay for makeup and not looking very sick!!

For more ideas that I haven't tried myself yet, here's a great list (with photos!) that Cosmopolitan put together. Number 5 is my personal favorite, although I'm not even sure when I could pull that one off...haha!

Have you been wanting to try any makeup trends but have been too nervous to do it?
If you have anything you want me to try, let me know! I'll include it in the series :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1800 Minutes to Fitness

Hello my loves and hello April!! Say what?? Yeah I know, I can hardly comprehend that it's April already either. Especially when almost my entire state was under a blizzard warning all last night...With spring still seeming to allude me no matter how much I wish for it and yell at Jack Frost to just go home, I decided to join a fitness challenge hosted by the lovely Erin of Living in Yellow, along with a couple other bloggers as well!

Welcome to the 1800 Minute Challenge!

Although I work out already two days a week, both cardio and weights, I want to start working out more- even on the days that I'm not already at the facility just because I work there. And since I still can't really take a hike outside without grumbling about the cold, I thought that this challenge might just give me an extra push!

The challenge lasts from April 1st-May 31st and at the end of it the lovely ladies who are hosting the challenge will be doing a giveaway. 1800 minutes might not seem like that much- or it might seem like way too many and you'd never be able to do it- but broken down it equals 30minutes a day for 60 days. That's really not all that bad! Totally doable in my to just get off my butt ;)
Of course, having a nasty cold doesn't bode well for the start of this challenge...

Erin created a great spreadsheet to help keep track of the minutes you spend each day doing something active, which I think is a great idea to help everyone keep track! Now to just remember to use it and email it to her at the end of May...
Hope on over to Erin's blog to register and join us all in staying healthy!

Although "being active" might not be your favorite thing, especially in winter, what are some things that you do to get your body moving?