Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vacation Beauty Tips

Summer is the age of vacations. Whether it's another part of the world that's more of a tropical paradise than anything, or to some place entirely cultural different from your own.

Wherever you and your family go on vacation effects the type of beauty products you pack. I put a list together of some of the things I would pack for either of these types of vacations.

Beauty Travel Tips

~ Palettes are your best friend. Who needs to bring along a dozen or so individual shadows when you can bring 8-20 in one palette. E.l.f. and NYC both have really good palettes and won't break the bank! But is anyone else drooling over the new Urban Decay Smokey palette? Because man oh man...

~ Self tanner- it's the healthier option people! And they've come a long way in the last five years or so. I love the Banana Boat's Summer Color line, and it's only $6 a bottle! I reviewed the product just last week.

~ Sunscreen and aftersun care. Important stuff, no matter if you use the sunscreen or not.

Beauty Travel Tips
~my photo~

~ Bronzer. If you're like me and have been using self tanner, your face is probably stark white compared to the rest of your body. I've found bronzer to be a quick and easy way to match my face to my body without having to wear a full face of foundation.

~ Highlight. Anybody hear of Strobing yet? I was so baffled by this new trend and frankly, I still am. So you're highlighting your face. But just highlighting. Whatever this new trend is and however long it'll stick around, highlighting your face is a great way to get that summer glow!

~ Bright lips. But never leave home without a good solid red too! Bright lips are a great way to show off that tan, and when else but in summer do you get to wear a bright orange lip?

~ Light but moisturizing lotion for hot climates. But if you're heading to the northern hemisphere, I suggest a moisturizer that is good for dry skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is very important!!

~ Water bottle. Wherever you may be, stay hydrated. Not only is drinking enough water linked to clear skin, you don't want to be feeling ill because you're dehydrated on your holiday!

Those are my beauty related tips! What are some of your vacation tips?
I'm back at my parent's home for a few days and one of my best friends graduates Cosmetology school TODAY. I'm so excited to be at home to celebrate with her.

See you all after my mini vacation

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fall in July

Someone tell me I'm not the only one with a short season attention span?
Or as I'll call it S.S.A.S
No? My acronym making skills are non-existent.

Ignoring my horrible acronym, does anyone else get bored of a season after a month or so?
Like back in April and even into May, all I wanted was sun every day and heat beating down on me. And now here I sit, in the middle of July, and can't stop myself from looking at photos from last fall. Wanting to watch Halloween movies (even Christmas movies!). Or changing my laptop background to gorgeous fall colors.

Fall in July
~My photos~

It's not just summer though. I get sick of winter as soon as Christmas is over. The day after Christmas? Okay, the snow can go now. Flowers can grow and baby animals can pop up everywhere.

I think, for me anyway, it's just the feeling in the air from the moment September hits until the ball drops on New Year's Eve. It starts with my birthday on September 6th and stays around until after the new year. 
It's love and family and magic. It's the feeling that anything is possible. Fall has always been the season that seems to rejuvenate me the most, tugs at my soul and makes me so happy. And then fall turns into the magical feelings of winter when the snow sparkles in the trees and fairy lights shine in windows.
Fall in July

From September to January 1st is just my most favorite time of the year and I wait for it every summer. Even if I hate the cold that comes with winter, especially in February-March here in Minnesota. The magic that fills the air before Jack Frost gets a little carried away sticks in my mind, until the next fall season comes around.

Fall in July

I've gotten used to these feelings over the years, have come to accept and expect them. But I think this time it's even worse because I know I'll be back home come fall. I can't wait to live close to my family again. To see my friends on a weekly basis. The small things we tend to take for granted.

So, anyone else out there waiting for fall leaves, pumpkin everything, Halloween movies and sweaters?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Self Tanner Newbie

Last month, I mentioned that I wanted to give spray tanning a try. I never knew how hard taking care of my skin would be, as weird as that sounds! I love being tan but want to protect my skin for the future. I did spray tanning a few times, but I hated how it would wear off after a week. And a spray tan isn't exactly cheap.

So I decided to do a little research and jump into the self tanner group.
Now I haven't tried a self tanner since I was probably 15. Almost 10 years ago. Whoa. Needless to say, they've changed a lot in those 10 years and seem to work way better.

I didn't want to throw out a ton of cash on a product that might not work well, so I spent $6 and got Banana Boat's Summer Color. Best $6 I've ever spent.

I goes on smooth and no streaks, just like the bottle says. I always make sure I rub it in well and get every spot, just like I would if I was putting on body lotion. You need to be careful around ankles and knees and elbows, but that goes for any self tanner.

I've been happy with the color of the light/medium bottle, but I just repurchased this in the medium/dark color. Who knows, maybe it'll be a little too dark, but I kind of doubt it, ha.

It doesn't have much of smell either, as self tanners go. It's there, but not noticeable after a few minutes, at least to me. The first tube I bought lasted me just over 2 weeks, and that's with reapplying the product on my legs, arms, chest and upper back every 2-3 days. Considering I was paying $15 (at an employee discount) for a spray tan, I can handle $6 every two weeks or so for a tan that I can control and keep.

Have you tried any self tanners? What did you think?