Saturday, March 28, 2015

New Beginnings

If you caught my other "update" post, you'll things have been a little crazy in my life recently. Crazy like graduating with my Esthetics license. Crazy like applying, interviewing, and getting a job that I really (read REALLY) wanted. Crazy like packing up my life, trying to find a place to live in a city 4 hours away, and moving, all within a month.

It's been stressful to say the least. And with all of these crazy changes and my life suddenly moving at mach 20, I've found myself doing things and watching things I used to love back in college. You could say they're like secruity blankets. Mindless activities that take away the craziness of the world and make everything less scary, less complicated and make adult life bearable. 

My Netflix is getting a run for it's money.

I'm sitting in my room in my parent's house, the room I'll be vacating and moving 4 hours from in 2 days, and I feel like a freshman all over again. Except I don't think I was this terrified when I was 18 and going to college.

Here I am 24 years old, moving out of her parent's house for the second time, getting my first ever "big-girl" job, living on my own, paying bills with no financial aid support and I am terrified.

Terrified I'm going to screw up.

Terrified I'm going to fail at my new job.

Terrified that I won't be able to make my bills.

Terrified of being so far away from my parents. Again.

I guess these feelings I'm having are just a point of growing up, right? Well that's all fine in the mean time, I'll just binge watch Tennant Doctor Who, snuggle my kitty and read fan fic. Maybe the world will get less scary after a bit?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stick a flower in my hair xx

I've been loving bows and flowers in my hair recently, especially when I have a uniform at work and had to wear all black at school. Accessories were the only way I could put some color or my personality into an outfit. 

Say hello to my recent haul. Claire's having a buy two get one free sale?? Yeah. Thank you.

The weather has been warming up, the sun is shinning and now my hair basket is full on in spring. Can't wait to wear these all spring- and summer!- long!

Have you guys been loving the floral crown/headband craze that's going around? I love the small dainty ones, the bigger flowers are a bit much for me. What do you think? :)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

I'm a Horrible Blog Momma

I am a terrible blog momma.

Why you ask? Because my blog's 3rd birthday was the 16th of January and I didn't even acknowledge it! I didn't even realize it until this very moment- March 14th- after reading another blogger's blog birthday post.

I'm horrible.

Does it mean something that I didn't even realize my own blog was THREE?
Like maybe the fact that I didn't realize this and haven't been posting a lot means that I don't really care? The last 3 years just went by SO fast...I can't believe my little blog is 3!

I just said in my update post that I never want to get rid of this little blog- and I don't! But this little development has me feeling kind of crappy.

Like I failed my little space in some way.

Way to go, Sarah...

~I really do love you~