Saturday, January 11, 2014

Self Portrait Saturday

So while I'm busy having writer's block and trying to come up with things to post on here (besides make-up reviews), I'm joining Bonnie again for Self Portrait Saturday!
It's been a while since I participated and I'm happy to back in the game! I look forward to seeing how I change over the year due to a healthier lifestyle and no longer being in college.

©2014 Sarah Beth Photography- Self Portrait Saturday

While I was busy taking new profile photos for my blog, my little cat Tinker Bell decided she wanted to be in them too. No idea what she is looking at however….

Come link-up with us (click the photo above)! We post every Saturday and my goal is to stick to that this year!!


  1. Aww, Tinkerbell looks so sweet! Love that she was showcased in this week's self portrait! x

    1. It was a nice little surprise when she came walking into the room! :)


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